Recently one morning I was driving to a meeting when I saw “The Fear”.  The Fear is what I decided to name this late term abortion for that is the feeling it invoked in me.  However, after pulling into a parking lot in front of a quick loan store I stared at it to…..
1:  make sure I didn’t hear any screams coming from the inside, and…..

B:  Marvel how it was still holding together.

After several moments I realized it was nothing more than the rust that had created a crusty outer shell, what I assume is not unlike a dinosaur fossil.  I might also believe this because The Fear also has that reptilian shade of green to it as well.

I also appreciate the owner’s apparent understanding that when this sucker dies, it’s done.  Check out the spare tire on the back:

It’s just that fossilized shell of what was once a backup plan.

The moral of the story is you don’t drive The FEAR, The FEAR drives you………..until it rusts out and stands as a monument for once was.  When that happens, F’n run away!

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