SAP – 056 – Stick It To The Man

Things start off a bit slow as you hear John and Nicole struggle being parents and PODCAST CELEBS (not really)!!!!!!

Things start getting funnier then anything you could possibly imagine once they launch into Haiku time.  They discuss the relationship between Jim Morrison and key fobs.  You hear the baby fart on more than one occasion!  Nicole does commercials for multiple organizations completely unprompted.  We also discuss inappropriate songs for weddings…….The whole thing goes into a whirlwind when Nicole threatens to mix up all of the LEGOS in the house and she can’t figure out what button to push on the recorder (there is only one, and it’s gigantic and round).


The previous day Nicole had a topic she wanted to discuss which really opens up an interesting silly discussion about living with strangers and sleeping in garages.  That last part is a bonus taking this episode to nearly one hour.



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