SAP – 051 – Tim Dorsey Interview

SAP – 051 – Tim Dorsey Interview!

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This week’s episode we get to interview the New York Time’s Best Selling Author Tim Dorsey!  We discuss his new book “The Pope of Palm Beach” as well as some other questions about Serge A. Storms and his buddy Coleman.  If you are unfamiliar with this hilarious work here is an excerpt about the protagonists from Wikipedia:

“All of Dorsey’s novels feature Serge A. Storms as the primary character. The character has several coexisting mental illnesses that render him obsessivepsychopathicschizophrenic, and frequently homicidal, but Storms serves as the anti-hero in Dorsey’s works due to his strong sense of moral absolutism and justice. Serge is intelligent, and frequently devises wildly inventive ways of condemning villains (or at least who he perceives as such) to death. His co-pilot in his adventures is Coleman, the exact opposite of Serge. Whereas Serge is high-strung and straight-edge, Coleman is a drug user who goes to extreme lengths to maintain his buzz.”

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